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Why Join?

Your membership with AFR entitles you to the monthly newsletter, a spot on the members-only email list so you can stay abreast of club news and activities, voting rights to help with the vision and direction of the club, and most importantly it gives you access to a social network of like-minded individuals. Paid members receive an AFR shirt and are eligible to participate in local events as an Austin Front Runner.

Members are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled runs, races, and events. Whether you have never been a recreational runner in the past, or if you are preparing for your next marathon, the Austin Front Runners is a great place to meet people who have similar goals. Your becoming a member allows you to participate with the local LGBT community and will help you take an active role towards your achieving a healthy lifestyle



By offering a dues paying membership we will have a more stable and consistent financial base to work from, one we can supplement as needed with community fundraising events. The dues will allow us to buy banners, make flyers and business cards, maintain our website, and participate in the Gay Pride Festival and Parade. Through these actions we hope to grow the club membership. This of course means more friends, more fun, and a more rewarding Front Runner experience!


As always, our runs are open to everyone and always free. We welcome and encourage you to join us whether or not you are a dues paying member. Our hope is that you benefit from all that AFR has to offer and you too would like to see the club continue to grow and not rely on ad-hoc, informal, and unpredictable donations. There are advantages to being an active member and we offer these incentives as a means to help generate income for the club, and hope you find them worthwhile.

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