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COVID-19 Run Guidance

-Runs will be conducted in line with all city and state laws and orders as well as Austin Public Health COVID-19 Risk-Based Guidelines.

- Front Runners should initially meet up at the usual place under the MOPAC bridge. Once the group reaches 10 people, a run leader will take that group to start a run circle. This will continue to occur after every 10 Front Runners arrive. The smaller run circles will be held apart from one another in keeping with the City’s requirement to have no more than 10 people in a single group.

- Names of Front Runners will be logged for each group in case of potential exposure to COVID-19. There will be no organized social events or meets ups post-run.

-New members and guests are welcome. Contact details of non-members will be requested in case of potential exposure to COVID-19.

- Social distancing of a minimum of 6ft (greater wherever possible) at all times and in all directions, including during the circle and whilst on the trail is to be maintained. No physical contact except in an emergency. 

- Those living in the same household do not have to adhere to the 6ft and no physical contact rules.

- Face masks must be worn at all times except when running - unless stipulated by the City or the Trail Foundation.

- Front Runners must not attend runs if they feel unwell, have any symptoms of COVID-19 or are currently under isolation because of potential or confirmed infection including self isolation following travel.

- Front Runners in higher risk groups must use their own judgement or seek independent medical advice to determine if it is appropriate to attend runs. Given that each person’s situation and comfort level will be unique, all runs are entirely voluntary including for Board members.

- All Front Runners will adhere to any additional restrictions in place on the trail and follow any instructions given by a Board member.



These requirements may be relaxed or tightened in response to additional advice from the City of Austin or Trail Foundation.

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